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Feature Trek

This "off the beaten track" adventure takes us over rarely visited paramo, sparsely populated with Quechua speaking Llama farmers.

Rolling green hills and peaks jutting up from nowhere, surround the tiny village of Zumbahua. Hiking opportunities are plentiful in this spectacular area.

Day 1 - We meet you and take you on a hike near Quito, so that we can get to know each other and see what your condition is. We will also pick up the your clothing, etc, that you will be taking on the trek, so that we can pack it for the pack animals. We will also check to make sure you have all the right things.

Day 2 - Travel to Zumbahua to begin our trek. We begin our gradual ascent to a high pass, enjoying beautiful scenery along the way as we trek along a canyon and past small villages. This day will require up to 8 hour of trekking. As always it will depend on how you feel. If you need to stop or camp earlier we can do that.

Day 3 - We continue trekking for another 6 - 8 hours crossing valleys and up another high pass to descend down to the cloud forest and onto Angamarca.

Day 4 - We will enjoy amazing views of the Guambaine valley and surrounding peaks. Ascending past from Guambaine we will see rock towers on the north side of the valley.  To Guambaine it takes 4 hours. From here we can continue on or camp. Depends on how you feel.

Day 5 - If we camped in Guambaine we will trek 4 - 6 hours through remote countryside to our next camp site.

Day 6 - This last day of trekking will once again take 5 - 8 hours, ending at the foot of Chimborazo mountain. On this day you will return to Quito depending on our timing, or the next day.

You need to be in good physical condition for this trek. We provide hearty meals along the way. I make all the food, home made granola, muffins, bread, stews, etc. I work with you and your dietary needs, likes and dislikes. Good food is an important part of the experience.

We recommend that you spend a few days walking around Quito to acclimatize. Every one is different as to how they adapt to altitude. This trek is a high altitude trek, acclimatizing is imperative. Every time in higher altitude is also different, one good experience does not ensure that the next one will be good. This trek can be very cold, so appropriate clothing is required. We supply a complete list of what you need.

We supply all the camping equipment, trekking poles, food, first aid, water filtration, pack animals, etc. Sleeping bags are a personal item we recommend you have your own.